E-Commerce Web Design

E-Commerce Web Design

Eye4Future, being a specialized web designing company, is expert in providing ecommerce web designing services and designing other modified websites. In the global way of online trade, we are offering the customers with the e-commerce web designing services to supply the online shopping requirements. Being an ecommerce website design company, we are never frightened of taking the market challenges and therefore observing sensibly the competitive world.

As one of the leading web technology companies in the country Eye4Futurehas abundant experience to comprehend the progress of web and Ecommerce solutions. The R&D team has been working constantly to come up with solutions, which are exclusive and sociable. The team consists of engineers who have worked on a number of E-Commerce sites and designers.

Shopping Cart Solution: Eye4Future offers you a software application that normally runs on the computer where your Web site is situated, and allows your clients to do things such as searching for a product in your store catalogue, adding a particular product to a basket, and placing an order for it. Eye4Future shopping carts are printed in a range of different programming languages. A shopping cart normally includes:

  • A database that stores information such as product details, order information, clients figures etc.
  • A storefront that displays this information to store guests (e.g. product detail pages, checkout pages, search pages, etc.)
  • A supervision area that allows you, the store manager, to direct your store. For example, this is where you adjoin products; locate your delivery & payment options, procedure orders, etc

Payment Gateway Integration: Eye4Future offers you payment gateway integration system that makes shopping carts a hassle free process is an inherent part your online business. Our Payment Gateway systems turns your website into a safe and consistent e-commerce store which include secure online credit card processing, e-commerce shopping cart software, Internet merchant account and a lot more. A payment gateway integration includes services like:

  • Easy Mechanism
  • Efficient Costing
  • Online supplying clients
  • Speedy Deals processing
  • Complete Transaction Descriptions
  • Supple Combination

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