Domain Booking & Web Hosting

Domain Booking & Web Hosting

Eye4Future, a foremost web hosting company in India, offers excellent guaranteed and safe web hosting at a very affordable and reasonable rate. We host website with other important host companies in India. Trustworthiness is the main value. Your product will be hosted in superlative data centres, having enormous Internet interchange carrying ability. We hosts products on servers linked to the Internet from numerous points by means of high-speed connections.

Eye4Future has many web hosting packages to suit your needs to host your website. We host websites using both Window based and Linux based systems. We offer a variety of highly consistent web hosting services which include requisite infrastructure and technical skill. Our web team has proficiency to work with you to resolve the best hosting solution suited to your wants and desires.

Linux Hosting: In this group, Eye4Future offers our customers with services that permit them to use the Linux operating system as the pedestal for edifice the websites for their relevant companies.

Windows Hosting: Eye4Future provides low cost window hosting in India on influential windows web hosting servers with reins control panel. Windows hosting services is simple to systematize and direct without any deep knowledge of server area.

Reseller Hosting: Eye4Future Reseller Hosting allows individuals, entrepreneur and companies to easily set up their own web hosting business or supervise several websites. As a reseller you generate your own hosting packages and place your own prices.

Dedicated Server: Eye4Future offers you dedicated servers, which ensure your business is capable to deal with high loads, and mutual servers are less costly. Whether you prefer one hosting service or the other is only up to you; take your business' requirements into thought and you will be making the correct choice.

Business E-mail Solution: Eye4Future offers you the manage to filter e-mail traffic to safe your business from virus attacks, spam emails and fatigued bandwidth right at the Internet level. All needless emails are sorted out on our Internet server before reaching your email server fast and simple mechanism.

Linux Dedicated Server: Eye4Future provides you Linux Dedicated Server, which is substitute choice of Windows hosting that works on Linux Operating system. The purpose of Dedicated Linux Server depends on what kind of Linux distribution you are using.

Linux Web Hosting

A stable and robust operating system is the major requirement of linux web hosting. Thus, linux has topped the list of various operating systems. Eye4Future has therefore brought the best of the linux web hosting services for its valued patrons.

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Windows Hosting

Eye4Future is a trusted name amongst windows hosting, thus assuring excellent global web presence. The hosting is also praised for noteworthy advantage of ASP, ASP.NET and MSSQL compatible.

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Email Hosting

The current scenario imposes the requirement of having an effective and distinguished web presence. Thus, top build the connection in the market, an individual E-mail ID for business is compulsory.

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